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Black Belt Program

Black Belt Program

The Gracie Barra Anaheim Black Belt Program is the final program in Gracie Barra’s adult program structure. While it does represent the student’s arrival at the ultimate level of training in our school, it also represents a new beginning.

Gracie Barra Anaheim’s Black Belt Program students are role models at our school. The responsibility of sharing Gracie Barra Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques and training philosophy with newer students is taken seriously. Our black belt students play a key role in maintaining a safe, friendly and progress-oriented environment at our school.

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Gracie Barra Anaheim Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu Classes

The Gracie Barra Anaheim Black Belt Program classes further develop students’ Brazilian jiu-jitsu game flow by exposing them to cutting edge jiu-jitsu techniques and technique variations. When you enroll in black belt classes, you can be sure of one thing: you will train a lot!

Our dynamic curriculum and classes, followed by hour-long live training sessions, build a challenging, yet safe environment for students to progress from blue belts to black belts. Practice typically lasts two hours, and although you are welcome to rest or leave early if you feel like it, our instructors will encourage you to stay until the end of the class.

It is in the Gracie Barra Anaheim Black Belt Program that students truly grasp what jiu-jitsu is: an endless journey of daily accomplishments that always lead to new challenges. Arm-bars, triangle chokes, fireman carries, Kimuras, sweeps, guard passes and single leg take downs take on new meaning in our Black Belt Program. The No-Gi classes also add an extra element of challenge and helps students improve balance and control, enhancing their overall skills.

There is no losing in jiu-jitsu. You either win or you learn. – Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

Benefits of Joining Gracie Barra Anaheim’s Black Belt Program
  • Define your Brazilian jiu-jitsu game flow.
  • Learn cutting-edge Brazilian jiu-jitsu techniques.
  • Achieve greater physical fitness.
  • Train with the most talented training partners at Gracie Barra Anaheim.
  • Train for two hour training sessions.
  • Begin developing your jiu-jitsu teaching skills.
  • Train at over 100 different locations in United States and 400 worldwide.
  • Free access to the school’s events and special classes.
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